The Plymouth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Champions
Sunday 17th November 2013


Please arrive at least one hour before the start of your division. This schedule is open to change at any time. Absolutes will be run providing there is time available.

Doors Open

White / Male / -61.5kg Light Feather (Mat 1)
White / Male / -73.5kg Light (Mat 2)
White / Male /-79.5kg Middle (Mat 3)
Junior / Under 40kg (Mat 4)
Junior / Under 50kg (Mat 4)
Junior / Over 70 kg (Mat 4)

White / Male / -67.5kg Feather (Mat 1)

White / Male / -85.5kg Middle Heavy ((Mat 4)

White / Male / -91.5kg Heavy (Mat 2)
White / Male / Over 97.5kg Ultra Heavy (Mat 3)

White / Female / -66.5kg Middle (Mat 1)
White / Female / -71.5kg Middle Heavy (Mat 1)

Blue / Male / over 97.5kg Ultra Heavy (Mat 1)
Blue / Male / -73.5kg Light (Mat 2)
Blue / Male / -79.5kg Middle (Mat 3)

Blue / Male / -85.5kg Middle Heavy (Mat 4)
White Belt Absolute Registration

Blue / Male / -67.5kg Feather (Mat 1)
Blue / Female / -61.5kg Light (Mat 2)
Purple / Male / -73.5kg Light (Mat 3)

Purple / Male / -79.5kg Middle (Mat 3)

Brown Belt / Male / Absolute (Mat 1)
Blue Belt Absolute Registration

White Belt Absolute (Mat 1 & 2)
Blue & Purple Belt Absolute (Mat 3 & 4)


Division Check

We have tried our best to place all competitors in the division’s they requested. However, in some cases we have had to move certain competitors up a weight or age division. Please check your details and email, if any changes are required.


White / Male / Adult / -61.5kg Light Feather
Giallourou Anastasios UPBJJ Club
Pointing Ian Exeter BJJ
White / Male / Adult / -67.5kg Feather
Hedge Dan Somerset Jiu Jitsu Alliance
Clatworty Liam Liam Clatworthy
Akyol Adam Exeter Martial Arts
baker elliot Hybrid
hillier jake Blaenavon freestyle grappling
Smith Daniel Fusion MMA
milton andrew Fightworx Academy
Parker Elliot Gracie Barra Plymouth
Johnston Sam Hybrid
Fleming Yiannis Phoenix BJJ
garrett joe Fightworx Academy
White / Male / Adult / -73.5kg Light
Mielnik Kamil Gracie Barra Plymouth
Willsher Billy Somerset Jiu Jitsu Alliance
Havelock Daniel Gracie Barra Plymouth
Lomas Paul Gracie Barra Plymouth
Docker Julian Impact Martial Arts Truro
brown david Impact Martial Arts Truro
Neilson Shane Pedro bessa/KJ2
Thompson Leon Phoenix BJJ Southampton
Heywood Alan Gracie Barra Plymouth
White / Male / Adult / -79.5kg Middle
Fyfe Ally Gracie Barra Plymouth
Abbas Hassan Checkmat BJJ
Podufalski Pawel Gracie Barra Plymouth
Oehme Sam Gracie Barra Plymouth
Plunkett Marc Phoenix BJJ
magee sean Exeter Martial Arts
Taylor Ryan Gracie Barra Plymouth
Gilmore Reece Gracie Barra Plymouth
Collens Luke Fightworx
Greenwood Craig NA
White / Male / Adult / -85.5kg Middle Heavy
Mason Charles Exeter Martial Arts
Avis Tim Fightworx Academy
Lopez Louis Gracie Barra Plymouth
Smith Gary Hybrid
wills bradley Pure Grappling
Vidins Raivo Barnstaple Combat Sport
Quick Dan Impact Martial Arts Truro
Witkowski Damian Gods Of War
Homeyard David Gracie Barra Plymouth
Morris Stuart Phoenix BJJ
Kirk Jordan Pedro bessa/KJ2
Ellis Mike Pure Grappling
Mustafa Haytham The Combat Academy
White / Male / Adult / -91.5kg Heavy
Biggs Lee Gracie Barra Plymouth
Hore Ashley Gracie Barra Plymouth
parker dirk Koncept Gym
Todd Mark Gracie Barra Plymouth
Bloxham JP Pedro bessa/KJ2
benwell damian Gracie Barra Plymouth
Francis Luke Gracie Barra Plymouth
White / Male /  Adult / Over 97.5kg Ultra Heavy
Hore Glyn Gracie Barra Plymouth
Hession Darren Gracie Barra Plymouth
Kirk Andrew Pedro bessa/KJ2
Norris Matthew Gracie Barra Plymouth
King Josh Gracie Barra Plymouth
Eden Tim Exeter MMA
Newell Thomas Phoenix BJJ
White / Female / Adult / -66.5kg Middle
Hurdle Sherilyn UPBJJ Club
Zynda Sophie Gracie Barra Plymouth
Daw Lara Hybrid
White / Female / Adult / -71.5kg Middle Heavy
George Aysha Barnstaple Combat Sport
Tapia Geraldine Gracie Barra
Tonkin Zoe Impact Martial Arts Truro
Blue / Male / Adult / -67.5kg Feather
Stone Andrew Gracie Barra Plymouth
Alvey Gary Combat athletic academy
lane Richard Impact Martial Arts Truro
Davis Simon Gracie Barra Plymouth
Davis Mark Gracie Barra Plymouth
Blue / Male / Adult / -73.5kg Light
Lindsay David Exeter BJJ
Derrington Kevin Pure Grappling
Homan Rob Hybrid
Chamberlain Clayton Gracie Barra bristol
Begley Michael Phoenix BJJ
Sipple Jack Pedro bessa/KJ2
reed zak Exeter Martial Arts
Paracciani Roberto Exeter Bjj
Winstanley-punch Jacob Impact martial arts truro
O’shea Josh Fightworx Academy
Freire Miguel De Souza BJJ
Blue / Male / Adult / -79.5kg Middle 
Ingram Chay Hybrid
Doyle Marc Gracie Barra Plymouth
Reid Brian Gracie Barra Plymouth
Pakeman Daniel Gracie Barra Plymouth
Rocha Marcio UPBJJ Club
Blue / Male / Adult / -85.5kg Middle Heavy
Robson Peter Gracie Barra Bath
Anderson Stuart Gracie Barra Plymouth
coysh chris Gracie Barra Plymouth
francis cal fightworx accademy
Ridpath Ross Gracie Barra Cornwall
Howard Benjamin Phoenix BJJ
Blue / Male / Adult / over 97.5kg Ultra Heavy
Eaton-Smith Conor Combat Academy
McSherry Jim 4th Dimension/GB Notts Victor Estima
Manzolo Andrei Phoenix MMA
Craker Adam EXETER BJJ
Jordan Nick Gracie Barra Bristol
Blue / Female / Adult / -61.5kg Light
Davis Zayna Gracie Barra Plymouth
Utting Kirsty Gracie Barra Bristol
Purple / Male / Adult / -73.5kg Light
Saunders Martin Exeter BJJ
McConnell Scott Gracie Barra Plymouth
Purple / Male / Adult / -79.5kg Middle
Baker Marc Gracie Barra Plymouth
Connaughton Mark Impact Martial Arts Truro
Horsman Jamie Gracie Barra Bristol
Crook Sam Fightworx Academy
Purple / Male / Adult / Over 97.5kg Ultra Heavy
Male Matt Somerset Jiu Jitsu Alliance
Brown Belt / Male / Absolute
Johnstone Jimmy Pheonix BJJ
Moore-Pointing Nathan Pedro Bessa
Jones Chris Exeter BJJ
Hambly Kieran Pedro Bessa BJJ
Junior / Under 21kg
Bishop Hickson Barnstaple Combat Sport
Junior / Under 40kg
Lloyd Brandon Phoenix BJJ
Ward Harrison Gracie Barra Plymouth
Biggs Hayden Gracie Barra Plymouth
Bray Ethan Gracie Barra Plymouth
Junior / Under 50kg
Johnstone Nathan Pheonix BJJ
Ward Lewis Gracie Barra Plymouth
Norris George Gracie Barra Plymouth
Plunkett Mj Phoenix BJJ
Junior / Over 70 kg
Doane Tommy Exeter Martial Arts
Doane Andrew Exeter Martial Arts
Thomas Luket Chris Rees Academy