Plymouth Open 02: No Gi Jiu Jitsu Championships

Sunday 17th November 2013

Entry is limited to the first 200 competitors to register.
Entry closes on: Sunday 10th November 2013 at 11.55pm
No Late Entries will be accepted.
We except this event to sell out well in advance so please enter early to avoid disappointment.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide a professionally run and well organised Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition for Plymouth and the South West.

Our Guarantee:

All competitors at least two fights.
All Medals will be presented by 6pm
We will provide a warm up area for all competitors
The competitor list and competition schedule will be posted online prior to the competition.
Results will be posted within 24 hours of the event finishing


Plymouth Life Centre
Mayflower Drive
01752 606900

Plymouth Life Centre was officially opened in March 2012. It has ample parking, changing facilities, café and parking.

The Plymouth Life Centre is approximately a 5 minute drive from the A38 and a 10 minute walk from the Plymouth Train Station.

Adult Categories:

Male Adult 16 – 35 yrs
Male Senior 35+ yrs

White (up to 1 year 6 months) / Juvenile
Blue (up to 3 years)
Purple (up to 4 years 6 months)
Brown (up to 6 years)
Black (over 6 years)

Male Weight Categories:
- 55.5 kg Rooster
- 61.5 kg Super Feather
- 67.5 kg Feather
- 73.5 kg Light
- 79.5 kg Middle
- 85.5 kg Middle Heavy
- 91.5 kg Heavy
- 97.5 kg Super Heavy
over 97.5 kg Ultra Heavy
Female Weight Categories:
- 51.5 kg Super Feather
- 56.5 kg Feather
- 61.5 kg Light Weight
- 66.5 kg Middle Weight
- 71.5 kg Medium Heavy
over 71.5 kg Heavy

Junior Categories

Juniors and Juveniles will be divided by the weight categories shown below.

-21 kg
-24 kg
-27 kg
-30 kg
-34 kg
-38 kg
-42 kg
-46 kg
-50 kg
-55 kg
-60 kg
-65 kg
-65 kg
-70 kg
over 70 kg

Where possible they will also be sub-divided into the following age brackets and experience levels:

Age Categories:
4 – 6 years
7 – 9 years
10 – 12 years
13 – 15 years
16 – 17 years (Juveniles)
Experience Level:
less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1 to 2 years
2 to 3 years
over 3 years

The brackets will be e-mailed to all competitors at least 5 days before the event.

Respect Rule

This event has a zero tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behavior by coaches, parents/guardians, spectators and competitors.

All in attendance must show some restraint when their students or team mates are fighting. There will be competitors and spectators of all ages at this event and we are here to set an example.

Any swearing, inappropriate gestures, violence (towards person or property) or berating the officials (regardless of any decisions they make) will not be tolerated.

If this happens, the referee/organiser has the right to disqualify that competitor, or to ask the person concerned to leave the area. If those concerned do not comply with the referee/organisers request the competitor will be disqualified from the event.

If a coach, parent or team mate encroaches onto the mat, or past any barriers that are in place, or man handles an official in any way, that person will be asked to leave the venue and the whole team may not be permitted to take any further part in the competition.

If the parents, coach or the competitors are not happy with the brackets we will issue a refund.

Competition Notes:

All weights are with a No Gi Uniform (shorts & rash guard) on.
Male Competitors over 36 can enter either the Adult or Senior category but not both.
If weight categories have to be combined due to lack of numbers you will be contacted and given the choice of changing weight category and/or age category. If you are not happy with moving you will be given a refund.

Entry Fees:

Adult Competitors: £30.00
Junior Competitors: £20.00
Adult Spectators: £5 pay on the door
Under 16 yrs Spectators: Free (if accompanied by a paying adult)

Coaches please e-mail to arrange free entry


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